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Journey's End Refugee Services, Inc.
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JOURNEY'S END Mission Statement
Journey's End Refugee Services, Inc. is a Christian community-based organization with the mission of welcoming refugees without regard to ethnic origin or creed and to assist them to become healthy, independent, contributing members of the community.
Purpose Statement
To provide refugees with the resources and support they need to become successful, active and contributing members of the Western New York Community.
Vision Statement
To become the model resettlement agency in New York State.
In 1975, a Communist group known as the Khmer Rouge came into power in Cambodia. Under the leadership of Pol Pot, they ordered the evacuation of Cambodia's towns and cities, forcing more than 2.5 million civilians into provincial labor camps. Approximately 1.7 million Cambodians perished from starvation, exhaustion and malnutrition. Others were tortured or executed for being "enemies of the state." When the Khmer regime was overthrown in 1979, Cambodians sought refuge in Thailand and other countries. Nearly 150,000 Cambodians sought refuge in the United States.Deeply moved by their efforts to find a new home, Phyllis Tompkins, a member of Bethlehem Presbyterian Church, initiated efforts to gather local resources for the needs of Cambodian refugees resettling in Western New York. Other local churches expressed support. The work of Journey's End had begun, and soon we began providing a range of services to refugees from all over the world.In 1998, Journey's End forged a stronger and more direct relationship with two national faith-based voluntary agencies - Church World Service and Episcopal Migration Ministries - becoming their local affiliate in Western New York. Journey's End Refugee Services now serves 300 to 400 refugees annually.

Journey's End Refugee Services, Inc. is a Christian community-based organization with the mission of welcoming refugees without regard to ethnic origin or creed and to assist them to become healthy, independent, contributing members of the community
Volunteers are invaluable members of the Journey’s End family who work together with our staff and board to help our refugee clients become self-sufficient and contributing members of the Buffalo community. Compassionate volunteers make a meaningful difference in the lives of their new neighbors, and the entire community flourishes when volunteers are an integral part of the refugee resettlement process.
Journey's End's clients come from a variety of backgrounds and have a range of needs when they arrive. Some only need basic assistance while others have a deeper need in several different areas. We provide support, advocacy and orientation for all our clients, whatever the need.

One of our former clients has invested in producing a feature film and succeeded in bringing it to Buffalo. Journey’s End is supporting his screening at the gorgeous North Park Theatre as part of our celebration of World Refugee Day. The movie is fictional but takes place in a refugee camp in Nepal amidst some very real situations. The screening will include remarks from some of our staff starting at 11am on June 21st. The movie will start at 11:30 and is 1 hr 45 mins long. Tickets are $12 each and can be bought the day of the showing. We hope some of you will be able to join us! We are so proud of Bishnu and look forward to celebrating with him at his oath ceremony and New Citizens Day at the International Institute of Buffalo on June 28! After a lifetime of loss, refugee. On a weekday morning later this month, Bishnu Adhikari will stand on the deck of the USS Little Rock, a visible and constant reminder of America’s sacrifices and loss, and for one day will set aside his own lifetime of loss and relish the return of something he once treasured but was taken. Journey's End is taking part in some great events in June. We hope to see you there! Cleaning up the remnants of winter, both indoors and outdoors? Please consider donating these items to newly resettled refugees through Journey’s End Refugee Services’ project Clara’s Closet.Author: Amy Patten, Intern at Journey’s End Refugee Services From the wall of snow that made national news, to Buffalo’s coldest month on record, this winter had even the most die-hard Congratulations to Eman Jabbar who is the newest registered day care provider from the Microenterprise Project. Eman and her husband have worked really hard over the past few months as a team in reaching their goal. They are opened for business at 379 East Street and offer childcare services in English and Arabic. They also offer transportation! Bhutanese Nepali American who was resettled by Journey's End is going to Nepal to assist with earthquake relief efforts there. They are organizing a fundraiser with other community members, to be held this Sunday May 17th. We invite you all to attend to learn more about Bhutanese Nepali culture and support our community's efforts to give back. We'll see you there!

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